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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 17, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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countdown to the inauguration, donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states in less than four days. but he's under a cloud. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. on this day, when we honor the life of martin luther king jr. trump is involved in a nasty feud with congressman john lewis. a protege of martin luther king jr. himself. and he's calling the nato
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alliance obsolete. i want to begin with the breaking news -- cnn is reporting that trump's pick for secretary of health and human services, congressman tom price, purchased shares in a medical device manufacturer just days before sproosiintroducing a bil would have massively invested in this company. he then made multiple donations to price's re'legislation campaign, tell us more before this breaking news story. >> he's a doctor, he's from georgia, a member of congress working in the building behind us, this is coming at a time when he is supposed to have a hearing on wednesday on capitol hill, the first hearing for his nomination. the question about this is that -- has he done this in the past, and is there a pattern involved here? we've seen the wall street journal report recently that in fact he had made over $300,000 worth of trades regarding medical stock and what have you,
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at a time, when he was deeply involved in the legislation, now, his spokesperson has come out and says dr. price takes his questions seriously. and the obligations to uphold the public trust very seriously. now of course coming on wednesday we will see democrats openly questioning him in a committee hearing. we are hearing from the senate minority leader chuck schumer who is calling for an investigation into his investing actions. >> it's early on, we don't know how big a deal this is. there are a number of things to point out, whether it's going to derail his chances, it doesn't look good. >> it doesn't look good, at a time when you have donald trump looking at obama care as being his number one priority, domestically in many ways. >> tom price would be the one -- >> he's the one supposed to be putting this together and shepparding it through. paul ryan said, he wants to get this done in the first 100 days. >> he wants to drain the swamp,
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i want to know what that looks like, he's a proponent of extreme vetting. this was not vetted when he looked at this candidate? >> no doubt, in many ways, look, as much as donald trump will say, he always thought he was going to win. if you talk to those who were close to him, they were surprised he actually won the election on election day as many of us were. having said that, because of that, they didn't necessarily have the apparatus in place as robust as it should be, where you would be vetting people the way you should be. >> what does this mean for his nominees going-forward? there are a number of nominees that haven't submitted their ethics agreements and disclosures. >> there are 21 nominees that have to go through a hearing process, 14 of them must have hearings at this point. five of them have finalized their paperwork, look at the math right there, you will see that there's been a lot of concern, specifically from the head of the office of government ethics, don, who is saying that
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these hearings should not be occurring until the paperwork is filed. that paperwork as we know, talks about how you resolve conflicts specifically when you have such a high net worth that could cause a conflict of interest in your new job. >> mark presston, thank you very much. i want to bring in matt lewis, senior contributor to the daily beast. and charles blow. welcome to the program gentlemen. charles, i'm going to start with you, i know you have a lot to say about this, what do you make of the tweets of donald trump slamming a highly respected civil rights leader? >> it's kind of lunacy on a lot of different levels. on the first is, you know, the -- for donald trump to have the temerity to say to john lewis, that he is all talk and no action, this is a man who believes in his lifetime he's
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been arrested something like 45 times, the last being in 2013, a man who had his head, his skull fractured on bloody sunday. the same year that donald trump received one of his five deferments from the vietnam war, and for that man to say to john lewis, who has constantly thrust his body into the fight for justice and civil rights is just outrageous on its face. it is laughable. donald trump doesn't even deserve to stand in the same room or shadow of john lewis. when it comes to being able to put your body on the line. to be terrorized, to be beaten, to be taken into custody. and really, what we have to remember, this is not like now, you could die. and many people did die and john
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lewis continued to do that work, even though every time he was encountering those police officers, it was not in anyway certain he was going to survive. >> right, and went to jail a number of times along with dr. king. matt, what's your take on this? what do you make of this. he is bashing an icon who sat shoulder to shoulder with john king. >> he put his life and body on the line. you know who else did? john mccain. and you know what john lewis called john mccain, he compared him to george wallace. what's happening right now is sadly partisan politics. it's utterly irresponsible to call this president illegitimate. there is absolutely no proof of that. when donald trump said that this election was rigged and illegitimate. i condemned him, it's utterly dangerous to say that, especially when there's zero evidence to prove it. i think there could be some ramifications to this, if you believe the president's
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illegitimate. what ought you to do about that, i don't know what the answer to that is, but look, americans are already have a problem right now, there's a distrust of institutions, politicians, there's a lot of fear, there's a sense that we don't really know what's going on. john lewis today, added to that cynicism and that confusion. >> do you think this was a trap that trump fell right in? >> absolutely, i think they set a trap, it's the timing, martin luther king jr. day is pretty obvious, and trump took the bait. that's bad politics. i think that what congressman lewis did is actually bad for america. he's wrong on the merits, and i think it's irresponsible. >> remember we had that fake news story about that pizza place, and people were wondering, something weird or bad happening at this pizza place, i better check it out for myself. what are you supposed to do if
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you truly believe the president of the united states is illegitimate? >> i think for congressman lewis, it's not to attend the inauguration, i think that's what he feels, and it's up to other americans to decide that. >> but i have to ask you the same question, because -- and you did mention john mccain as well, we should not forget that donald trump also said he likes heroes who are not captured, he attacked john mccain as well. >> he's an equal opportunity offender. saying illegitimate throws it back to the birther movement? >> no, i want to make sure that i say on the record right now, with a clear conscience -- in full access of my faculties, i too believe that donald trump is illegitimate. because i know the meaning of that word, right? there are two ways to look at illegitimacy. one is the legal aspect of illegitimate, is it against the law? it is not against the law, he's the legal president of the united states.
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there was one way out of that, and that was through the electoral college. they decided we're not going to take that. that's their business, that's the way it works. he is the legal president. that legitimacy is intact. there's another way to define illegitimacy. when you do not confirm to standard rules and practices of behavior. and the fact that two things happened that completely do not conform to our standards or practice of behavior, it was the comey letter, and it was the act of war, the cyber act of war, it was an act of war, by a foreign government, attacking the integrity of our government, of our election, and expressly to damage one candidate and benefit another. we don't know if that was
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dispositive in the sense that we don't know whether or not it meant that donald trump became elected. we do know that donald trump thought it was being helpful to him, and in fact, he encouraged russia to continue to hack, and if they had more e-mails, he wanted to see them, he continued to say over and over on the campaign trail, i love the wiki leaks. he continued to quote from those wikileaks when he was giving campaign speeches. that means to me, you believed -- whether or not it was dispositive or not, you believe that it was helping you. that means you are part of the illegitimacy that john lewis i assume is referring to, not that you're not the legal president. but you are now conforming to -- >> i want to give his response to that before we go? >> i don't think anybody serious does believe that it was dispositive. the russians didn't cause hillary clinton to set up her
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own server. they didn't cause hillary clinton not to campaign in wisconsin, it's really dangerous to suggest that -- america's been through a lot, we had the 2000 election for example, where obviously it came down to florida, the supreme court ended up ruling, we've had this birther issue, which i condemned. i think donald trump is absolutely wrong, he was irresponsible in that case. why do we want to perpetuate this. what we need in america is not more division. it's more unity. i think that was actually the spirit of dr. king. perpetuating the notion, riles people up, we need to come together as americans, you know, you may not like donald trump, you may not have voted for him, he is our president, this is our country. we should be rooting for his success. >> i know the history of dr. king, and dr. king was not uniting behind -- >> hold on one second. if you can find the tweet from donald trump in 2012. so i hear everyone saying, we should come together. >> no, you don't hear everyone saying that. i'm not saying that.
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>> that all sounds great in theory. in 2012, the day after barack obama won the election, donald trump said, we can't let this happen, we should march on washington and stop this travesty, our anything is totally divided. doing that in the midst of calling the president ilt legitimate, not being born in this country, what is different now, why should everybody come together now and he didn't want people to come together in 2012? >> first of all, we should -- >> i'm going to stop right there. >> can i -- >> no, no no. >> charles, i'll give you the last word. >> donald trump is a bad person, he should not have done that. but do two wrongs make a right? >> if we care about this country? do we want to replicate the bad thing donald trump did? and concede -- said, well, if they did that, we're going to do it too? i was against donald trump when he was a birther, when he said that the election was being
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rigged and it was illegitimate. now i'm against john lewis, because i think he's wrong about this one. >> do not mangle dr. king's legacy, he was not getting in line with george wallace or bull conner, he was not getting in line with the racists, dr. king was throwing his body into the breach and getting arrested some 29 times in his life. dr. king was not saying, you must unite behind someone who you believe is doing something wrong ever. he was telling america that you must stand up for right all the time and put yourself on the line if you have to do that. >> okay. >> is donald trump bull conner? is donald trump -- is donald trump george wallace? >> donald trump is a lot of things. you don't want to get me started on all the ways i find donald trump to be offensive. >> thank you, charles, thank you, matt.
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will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. donald trump moves into the oval office in just four days. washington post reporter, sally quinn joins us. and cnn politics executive
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editor mark preston joins us. i was jumping the gun, i thought i was going to introduce mark first. >> keeping you on your toes. >> donald trump has been feuding with congressman lewis, that's only the tip of the iceberg, he's been tweeting about the head of the cia, some of our country's biggest allies. what do you make of him handling foreign relations through 140 characters? >> i find it problematic, frankly. if you look at the way our allies are responding in in interviews, separate from twitter. it's creating a lot of heartburn, and i think you have france coming to the defense of germany. and these are the people who are on our side. so we have actual enemies in the world versus germany and france and the nato countries. and he is going on the attack against them. he's going on the attack against them, and it makes you wonder how he's going to handle people
12:20 am
who oppose us if he can't be on the same side with people who are on the same side with us. >> i wonder if he's going to continue to use the donald j. trump account. rather than the potus account, which would be interesting for our allies. there is not a lot of nuance in 140 characters, you can get in a lot of trouble with that. >> you can, and he has, and he will continue to do so. >> i was talking to a consultant who represents one of our allies, as often happens, and they were telling me that there is great concern among their clients, this foreign government, who works closely with the united states government because they don't know if they can trust donald trump. they're concerned that donald trump one day will be with them, and the next day be against them. they'll find out by looking at twitter. >> the thing is, for now, he does not have to be accountable really to the allies, he's not
12:21 am
running this big country by himself. there is little accountability. in four days from now, there's going to be accountability. and twitter can be problematic. >> i disagree with that. once you're elected president. you're talking about a transition of power that happens almost immediately and then you have the ability of donald trump, the head of -- the commander in chief of our troops, being able to say things that are going to cause markets to crash, cause our folks looking at military alliances wondering when are those alliances going to shift. >> it's gotten him this far he's the president-elect of the united states. and as i said earlier, not to denigrate anyone who is 70 years old, but usually by the time you're 70, you're pretty stuck
12:22 am
in your ways. i'm not quite 70, and there's not a lot of change -- he's been tweeting and will probably continue to tweet as president. everyone should get used to that. i want to read this for you. this is what gerald writes. about trump and his presidency. he says certainly there's a danger in leaving the world unsure which messages to take literally, and in trying to handle subjects as sensitive as nuclear weapons strategy on the fly. it's also likely that donald trump knows what he's doing. is this the strategy, and do you think he's going to continue to engage even as president? >> all i can tell you is, i know a lot of people in the foreign policy arena, not just reporters, but people in embassies and the state department, from their experience, they say foreign leaders around the world, and i know a lot of ambassadors, are i think it would be fair to say, hysterical. they're out of their minds. they have no idea.
12:23 am
i sat next to one ambassador, his government keeps calling him and saying, what does he mean by this? what's happening? what's going on? he said, i don't know what to tell them. because i don't know what he means, i don't know what he's saying, i don't know what's going on, i said you should call your government back and tell them you're not the only one, every single person in washington is feeling the same. there's no consistency in washington. in his position and so everybody is off kilter, everybody's off balance. the fact is, that when you say he says one thing one day, and another thing the next. this is not going to change. this is the way it's going to be. and whether you think his accountability will start on friday, i don't think that matters. >> well, also there is a question of what sally just
12:24 am
described. is this what donald trump wants? he wanted to be a disrupter. i think what sally laid out is a very disruptive person, keeping everyone off kilter. this is the way he negotiates, tries to make nato members be worried. but i think he may be miscalculating the idea that germany and france are going to be crawling up to him and begging him. the part of the united states being a world leader isn't just because we have a big military and because we're a powerful economy. it's how our president interacts with the world and acts as a leader. he's frittering this away on the world stage. >> there's another thing too, total lack of experience. you can't discount that. when you look at somebody like teresa may, for instance, in england, where she called out john kerry for making a speech
12:25 am
about israel. when britain was one of the sponsors of the resolution in the u.n. it was so completely just without any kind of background or knowledge. i talked to some people in the british embassy about that. they said, the problem was, she doesn't know what she's doing, she's green. i think that's a huge problem, and a lot of people around the president are that way. there's some people i'm happy about, like general mattis, who seems to have some background in foreign policy. i think what's really scary is the fact that there's so little background and knowledge. >> listen, i know that twitter is a new form of communication. but do you want someone to give you great or bad news via text? or do you want them to call you personally on the telephone and say, meet you -- look at you in the eye and say, listen, i have something bad to tell you. so you can ask questions. >> and the problem with that is,
12:26 am
with twitter, that is instantaneous. when you're the president of the united states. you have to have the ability to step back, take a deep breath, assess the situation before you actually take action. >> thank you, i appreciate all of you. donald trump's growing feud with the u.s. intelligence community. my arthritis pain used to make my favorite things to do...
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donald trump's views on nato in stark contrast to his picks for secretary and secretary of state, i want to discuss that now, with ambassador james woolsey. he's a former director of the cia. i'll start off with that question to you, over the weekend, donald trump ambassador said that nato was obsolete. the secretary of state pick has said the opposite. >> it's certainly entertaining. >> that is a good answer. >> the entertainment capital of the world is in america. but it's going to be on the east coast, not the west coast.
12:31 am
>> i hope they won't do something off base, we really need the alliance to hold together. i think i'm very glad that donald trump has said on camera, and in front of the world, that he wants people like jim mattis who he's brought in, to be themselves, call it straight, world class people. call it like they see it. i'm delighted in fact. i don't know how one is going to deal with twitter in governance, it was a very effective part of his campaign. a lot of people who said, this is crazy, you can't do this. it doesn't work. it worked. it helped him a lot. >> you don't think it will in governing? >> governing is different from campaigning. >> would you advise him to put it down? >> i would. >> i want to play this, this is donald trump with the times of london.
12:32 am
and the germany newspaper. >> who would you trust more if you talk to them, american or putin? >> well, i start off trusting both, but let's see how long that lasts. it may not last long at all. >> so bob, do you see it that way, when he talks about angela merkel and vladimir putin? do you see it that way? >> well, i've got a problem with putin. >> did he make a mistake? >> yeah, he made a mistake, equating the two. the funny thing about his interviews, he says some absolutely brilliant things that are right on. it's like he's just been briefed about iraq, afghanistan, syria, the security zones there, and then he take his this 180-degree turn, which i don't understand. and the germans right now are
12:33 am
apoplectic. even the israelis are worried. listen, you can't trust this guy, because of his relations with russia, if israel has any deep secrets, think twice about sending them to washington once trump gets into the white house. people are very worried at this point. twitter is not the way to conduct foreign policies especially not in these new answered issues. in which it takes years and years for people to understand. >> ambassador, how do you put angela merkel and vladimir putin in the -- >> not a good idea. ms. merkel may have made a mistake in opening up the gates of germany as quickly and widely -- >> it's different than being a tyrant. >> that's right. >> she's trying to keep, to pull europe together. and putin is doing the exact
12:34 am
opposite. >> well, he -- vladimir putin is trying to nibble off different parts of europe, georgia, and ukraine, as he gets an opportunity. lincoln lived on a farm when he was a little boy. and the neighboring farmer said, i don't need much land, just what adjoins mine, that's putin, i'm afraid. >> donald trump told the wall street journal that the one china policy is up for discussion. china has already responded, saying it's non-negotiable. china is one of our largest trading partners, these are complicated relationships, what do you think about the president-elect's remarks on that? >> i think we are going to want to do our best to get china to take another tack on some very important things. the main one is the south china sea. but i think china is also potentially a colleague in energy and other issues in which our bigger problem is russia.
12:35 am
so personally my tilt will be working with china wherever we can, and we can't everywhere. china is a colleague in other issues which are a bigger problem, russia. keeping a focus on russia, and russian expansionism along with iran before long is a bigger problem. >> bob, i want you to delve into this more, you say donald trump needs to thread the needle on how he handles global relationships. talk to us more about that. >> i don't think he understands the nuances. just -- jim was talking about iran and russia are joined at the hip. how do we not tilt toward russia and tilt toward iran at the same time. if we alienate the chinese at this point, they can say, you have north korea, you do something about them, we're going to stop using our influence. these relations are complicated. we get a lot out of china. to abandon the one china policy for no good reason, poses a serious danger to our foreign policy. >> bob, thank you.
12:36 am
ambassador, always appreciate it. coming up, donald trump's plan to replace obama care may sound a lot like well, obama care.
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all right, welcome back everyone, sit down because this is a conversation you want to hear. congressman john lewis questioning the legitimacy of donald trump's presidency. and trump striking back at the civil rights hero. joining me is kelly mcinerney, simone sanders is here, a former press secretary for bernie sanders. bruce lavell, the executive director and mark lamont hill, author of nobody let's talk, everyone knows the details, right? kayleigh you first. we're celebrating dr. martin luther king jr. day. congressman lewis is a hero, i think you will admit to that. what do you think of this whole controversy, are you okay with the way donald trump responded? >> of course he's a hero,
12:41 am
everyone agrees to that, i think it was entirely uncalled for for him to put partisan interests above american interests. and that is what he is doing by calling donald trump not legitimate. you have these news agencies that are so angry. the ap reporting donald trump slams congressman john lewis, when in fact it was the opposite. donald trump was slammed by congressman lewis, what he did was simply respond by saying, you should focus on your own district. you're in a city that's ranked 14 out of the 20 most violent in the united states. he is being attacked for slamming, when in fact he was not the one that was doing the slamming. >> there's some legitimacy to kayleigh's argument. it's not apples to apples, he's saying obama is not american. there was a question about trump's mandate to unite the american people and the
12:42 am
integrity of his campaign. i do think it is slightly different. if i were congressman lewis, i would not have done that. what i would have liked to see from trump is to not respond with twitter fingers every time something happens. sometimes you can let things go, to attack john lewis on the eve of martin luther king's holiday. to me was deeply troublesome and disrespectful. i live in district 5 in atlanta. it's a pretty nice neighborhood. it's not even true to suggest somehow he has this awful circumstance in his district. it's a cliche. >> i saw some of these people saying, i'm walking through my neighborhood and i'm really scared. i'm walking my dog to the dog groomer and i'm nervous about living in such a -- the irony. they do a lot of problems as a
12:43 am
lot of cities do, but was it warranted? >> was donald trump's attack on john lewis warranted? i think john lewis, i think he was feeling this, he was coming from a place of passion, john lewis, i don't think anyone asked if donald trump was a legitimate president, it's something that lewis felt he needed to say. what wasn't warranted is the president elect's attack on john lewis in such a personal and stereotypical way, to automatically revert to, your community sucks, because clearly you represent a black community that sucks is incorrect. >> it did go from russia meddling in the election, to you have a terrible community you should do more for your community. you haven't done anything. and quite honestly, the man almost lost his life, what more does one have to do in one lifetime? >> i want to say happy mlk day down here in atlanta.
12:44 am
before i you know, say anything else, john, thank you for having me. john lewis got on "meet the press" and said there was a russian conspiracy that relates to the election process. the fbi said there is no evidence of any wrongdoing or any meddling in the election process, that right there for him to come out and say that the russians were -- >> i don't think that's true. >> let me fix this for you. they said they're not sure, they don't believe it would change the outcome of the election. they believe russia meddled. >> let me finish this point here, we don't know who's hacking what, okay. i'm married to a very strong i.t. engineer. i can tell you, that hack could have come from colombia, anywhere. >> you're denying the cia information because your wife went to penco tech.
12:45 am
are you serious? the cia says it happened. even donald trump said the russians had some impact. >> even donald trump says the russians had -- >> even the fbi. >> donald trump is denying what you're saying pp. >> let him finish. >> you're all over bruce. bruce, can you get a word in? >> i know they miss me, it's been a while, but listen guys, seriously, at the end of the day, this all started by a very well known congressional officer from the fifth, came out and said that the incoming president-elect is not legitimate. that is not right, guys. john lewis was elected by the people for the people to go up and work in d.c. to help bring jobs in their district. to help with transportation, which you know we had -- we have the worst transportation down here in the world. that's what we elected him for? in the world? >> we don't have the worst transportation in the world. >> yes, we do. >> i just left palestine where i was going through a tunnel with our shoes on. >> are you talking about marta? >> no, we're talking about traffic.
12:46 am
we're talking about traffic. i'm just saying. >> let's not get thrown off the path here. i just have to ask you, bruce. does it -- you know, some people say it's irony, others will say it's poetic justice, that donald trump spent years saying that the president wasn't legitimate. not only that he wasn't a legitimate president, but sort of as a human being, dehumanizing him, and now this happens, and he's really upset about it. >> we're talking about donald j. trump the private citizen. congressman lewis, great man, my uncle marched with him. had a lot of deep roots in this movement. came out on national tv and said that donald trump is illegitimate. we are working so hard, everyone says the republicans never get involved with urban renewal. i am so excited about what's
12:47 am
ahead of us, that relates to bringing jobs and opportunity in black communities, don, i am excited. we don't need anything to get derailed like this, and john lewis should know that. that's what -- that's the hurting part of this. >> we're not done. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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beat the pain and enjoy life.
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all right, back now with my trouble, apparently donald trump is having trouble procuring a-list performers for the inauguration. and of course, snl had their way with it? >> who is excited for my inauguration? yes, thank you for those people who i definitely did not pay to do that. we have some of the biggest performers in the world. we have three doors down, also from american's got talent, we've got jackie what's her face, and best of all we have the one rockette with the least money in her savings. we've also got some huge a-list actors coming in like angelina
12:52 am
jolie, and ryan gossling, they will all be at my inauguration, courtesy of madametrousseaus. >> when i heard toby keith, i was like way better than beyonce and katie perry and all the various obama performers. toby keith is a-list for me and all the other deplorables, so it's good. >> i'm not even going to go there. jennifer holladay said she will not perform. she was going to do it, for the people, and now she says that because of her gay and lesbian fans she was not going to do it. she was wrong. what do you think, mark? >> good for her, a lot of people
12:53 am
are just happy to be in the room. if the president invites them, they just show up. they show up on television, i think her intention was just to perform for america, i don't think it was a partisan decision. but when she saw the impact on people who she cares about, on vulnerable americans, i applaud her principle and the willingness to self-correct, saying i'm going to make the right choice, not the wrong choice, and pull out. >> let's move on, about steve harvey. i'm going to get mark and the other ones in, so mark, steve harvey went to trump tower and took a lot of backlash for meeting with the president. what do you make of this controversy? >> i respect and love steve harvey, his intentions were appropriate. but my disagreement is a way in which he is being exploited by those like donald trump.
12:54 am
you have people who can challenge the president at the table. if i'm steve harvey, i'm bringing cornell west, i'm bringing some folks with me who can challenge the president and inform the conversation. otherwise -- >> why are you saying oh, my god? >> because they keep bringing up comedians and actors and athletes to represent black interests, it's demeaning, condescending, bring people to represent interests, not just people to entertain. >> you were at the meeting and heard and saw everything? >> i don't understand how it would solve that question -- unless steve harvey turned into a policy-matter -- >> mark, you were not even there, you don't even know what happened. >> yes, i do. are you disagreeing that -- >> you were not in the room, sir, you were not there. >> how does that negate my point
12:55 am
that he brought steve harvey and put him in front of the cameras, that is my problem -- >> they are in the process of bringing all kinds of people, like we have. >> if there were a bunch of mediocre negroes being brought in front of donald trump -- >> so now you want to name-call -- >> i'm not name-calling. >> and then -- >> let me back markup here, what i think -- >> simone is making an important point. >> he is just talking. >> black people are diverse, and for donald trump to only engage actors and comedians and reality-type folks he is not engaging in the diversity of black people in america. so again --
12:56 am
>> i would like to see donald trump bring some policy analysts, some people who have some meat on the bones, for some real people. >> you got ten seconds. >> what do you mean -- >> he ain't -- >> you can actual bring qualified people. >> bruce is an expert, and he brought bruce in. >> you can bring in conservative columnists, and they don't have to be leftists. >> all right, we surveyed 15 people and whatever. that's it for us tonight. that is a family feud joke, by the way. see you tomorrow night. . .
12:57 am
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new overnight, a potentially devastating blow to the president-elect's nominee. the cnn investigation found he pursued legislation to help a company he just invested in. now tom price is facing confirmation. a number of nominees getting set to face the senate, but could unfinished ethics reviews get in the way making for a less than full cabinet on friday? and before he leaves office, secretary of state john kerry weighing


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